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The Costume Shop is open Year Round! We have costumes for all occasions - not just Halloween.  See us for masks, make-up, contacts, latex appliances, assorted accessories, boas, hats and wigs, to complete your look!  There is also a wide selection of adult costume rentals in our Cambridge store.  Catalogue ordering is available.

The Costume Shop history:

The Costume Shop was established in Preston in 1981 by the Pizzey family.  32 years later, Cam & Sherry made the decision to close the doors permanently after the Halloween season in 2013.


There must have been a full moon that October 30th.....  Rose went to buy a magician's hat for her son, but bought their entire store instead!

Rose and family re-opened the store just a couple of blocks down the street at 960 King St. E. 

8 years later...

Several years of construction in Preston plus Covid shutdowns definitely impacted our small family run business.  We decided that this was a good time to make a move and found a new location that is a bit more central within the City of Cambridge.  We will re-open later this summer in unit #1, 100 Sheldon Drive, Cambridge.  Year 40 here we go.... wow!

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our fun, crazy world !

The Hoffman Family - Cliff, Rose, Aidan & Emma